Broad Students Complete Spartan Global Leadership Program – Eli Broad College of Business _ Michigan State University

Broad Students Complete Spartan Global Leadership Program

In its inaugural year, the Spartan Global Leadership Program proved a tremendous success. Six Broad College of Business students were hand-selected to join the student group of 12 on a year-long journey of personal growth, cultural integration, leadership exercises and social impact projects.

* Tajudeen Adekoya (BA Finance ’18) from Nigeria

* Isabella Muszkat Besborodco (BA Marketing ’18) from Brazil

* Bahij Hourani (BA Finance ’19) from Lebanon

* Pai Peng (BA Supply Chain Management ’18) from China

* Wes Samutpanich (BA Supply Chain Management ’19) from Thailand

* Yuqi Zhang (BA Accounting ’19) from ChinaThe SGLP gave young students in Memphis, TN an “international experience“ during their stay on an Alternative Spring Break.

The Spartan Global Leadership Program, run by MSU’s Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS), hand-selected participants for the year-long program from across the university. Students attended a mandatory weekly seminar for the fall and spring semesters, which focused on strengthening leadership and communication skills, while emphasizing the importance of ethics and emotional intelligence. Additionally, students completed assignments, participated in leadership conferences and cultural events, and shared their experiences as international students throughout the local community.

“The best part of the program was being surrounded by people from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures and analyzing diverse issues through various perspectives,” said Besborodco.

Perhaps the most enriching experience for the Spartan Global Leadership Program was traveling as a group to Memphis, Tennessee, for an Alternative Spring Break project. There, the students took part in a variety of service projects in the community, ranging from helping elementary schoolers at an after-school program to decorating a community center for an “around-the-world” experience for kids.

“Through our trip, students bonded and were able to open up and share more with each other,” said Amber Cordell, OISS educational programs manager and coordinator of the GSLP. “Students with such diverse backgrounds now trust each other Buy Essay Online and are willing to have difficult but critical conversations about how to make a positive impact on the world.”

Upon completion of the program, students received an $8,000 academic scholarship.

Learn more about the program’s first year of success by visiting OISS Live.

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